Review Guide

I have always been a pinch here, a glob there kind of cook. I do not use recipes exactly, I use them as more of a guideline. That will have to change in this blog, for fairness alone. There will be no added ingredients or any low-fat variations.  I will also try to use exact cooking times, if the recipe’s cooking times don’t work for me, that will be stated in the Overall category.

The only exception to not changing a recipe would be making it gluten-free, since I cannot eat regular pasta/bread/flour.

Difficulty: Difficulty will be rated on a scale from 1-5. 5 being difficult, 1 being, being grilled cheese or some nonsense. I am lazy, so be prepared to see a whole lotta 5’s. (:

Taste: This will go for how I feel about the food, as well as my family’s views. Rated 1-5, 5 being super tasty. Some of the foods I will not be eating, so this will be family’s views only.

Clean-up: Rated from 1-5. 1 being something as easy as throwing away some foil, 5 being as difficult as soaking a pan for 8 hours before scouring.

Overall: Not based on numbers at all, but a general statement on how this dish held up.

What I’d do differently: Pretty much what would make the dish easier to make and tastier to eat, from using less dishes or more spices/oil.

The reheat factor: Since we are a small family of 3, we hardly ever finish off an entire meal. This is pretty much going to sum up what leftovers taste like the next day.


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